New Product Addition That Lets You Raise The Ramp To Waist Height

Almost every bowler has a least one period in their life where they are unable to bowl because of some kind of physical or medical limitation. It could be something as simple as swollen or broken fingers to something much more serious and long-lasting

like arthritis.

This new product gives you the ability to enjoy the game that you love in spite of the physical or medical challenges that you are currently facing.



Our new custom leg extensions and the companion bowling ramp extension when combined with our chrome plated or powder coated bowling ramp gives you the ability to raise the ramp to waist level so you can bowl standing up.

You must have the use of at least one hand and have the ability to stand to use this Bowling Ramp And Leg Extension Kit. (The custom leg extensions can be cut to any length so that the ramp can be elevated to the height that you desire.)



We originally created our basic tubular bowling ramp for people with disabilities and we have created add-ons that not only accommodate people with physical challenges but those with mental challenges as well.The three piece chrome plated or powder coated ramp has two natural curves, one on the top section and one on the lower section allowing the ball to roll straighter. If a person sets the ball on the ramp without holding it, the ball will roll away by itself. This ramp is also 29.5” high allowing bowlers, with some arm or hand control to wheel under the ramp with their wheelchairs, line up and hold the ball before pushing the ball down the ramp.Our basic chrome plated or powder coated bowling ramp is perfect for wheelchair users that still want to participate in a sport that’s loved by millions. The benefits of using this ramp can be:

  • increased socialization
  • improved self-esteem
  • a higher quality of life

We designed two additional pieces for individuals who have weak or no arm movement. Our bowling ball extension which simply fits on top of the ramp and allows a person to set the ball on the ramp then, when ready, line up the ramp to the alley and push the ball. 

This extension is ideal for people such as: 

  • stroke victims
  • quadriplegics
  • paraplegics
  • and more

Anyone of any age that has a mobility issue but they have some arm strength can have a companion set the ball on the bowling ramp that has extension in place so that they can enjoy a night of bowling with their friends and family which helps improve their socialization, self-esteem and overall quality of life.

Secondly we make the POSS-I-BOWL 2000 battery switch operated bowling ball release.

This device is for bowlers who have severe motor skill problems yet have the ability to touch a switch to release the ball. With the use of the POSS-I-BOWL 2000, you do not need the bowling ball extension.

The manual and electronic ball releases allow people with more severe physical or mental challenges to enjoy bowling and an outing that provides the same quality of life improvements that others experience.

We are now offering a new custom leg extensions for bowlers that have the ability to stand and bowl. If they have limited mobility but can stand you can add on our bowling ball leg extension to hold the ball in place until you are ready to push the ball.


The newest set of extensions is geared more towards people that might have broken ribs or another physical issue that might stop them from bowling the traditional way but they can still stand.

By using our bowling ramp with extensions that elevates it up to the hype that they need, though still be able to participate in the sport while their injury heals. This major cracked rib, back pain or neck pain no longer has to keep you away from your

bowling league.